Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Prayer Quilt by Jennifer Jones

I wrote this poem today, in honor of my mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom, I love you! --Jen

Tenderly she rocked,
As she rocked she prayed,
With each and every breath,
A prayer quilt  stitch she made.

The baby oh so small,
Held her finger oh so tight,
Mom whispered prayers to God,
To keep her angel through the night.

Months turned into years,
Her girl now held her hand
Her backpack on her back
At the front door she would stand.

And there the quilt would grow,
With prayers for God to guide,
To keep her child at school,
And forever by His Side.

Each night Mom's cover of prayer,
Kept angels by her kid,
At the dawn of each new day,
New mercies God did give.

Now her daughter's grown,
But she still has this quilt of prayer,
That Mom prayed ore' her life,
It goes with her everywhere.

Now at night her Grown-up girl,
Stands by her daughter's head,
She bows her head and prays,
"Lord, put your angels round this bed."

So the quilt's an heirloom dear,
Passed on from Mom to Me,
The precious quilt of prayer,
Of Protection, Faith and Peace.

The cradle will rock on,
The quilt stitches now begin,
As a mother whispers prayers,
And God listens once again.
---Jennifer Jones


  1. Awe, that's a really sweet poem! :)

  2. This is awesome Jen, and I can see your mom whispering prayers over her children in the night. She loved you all so much and trusted in God to watch over you. I can imagine that you're a lot like your mother, you have her soft and gentle personality, and your great trust in the Lord. It's no wonder to me that you grew up to be 'your mother's daughter'!
    I sent your mom a birthday card, I hope that she got it before her special day. Sometimes it takes longer than a week to get a letter from Oregon to Florida. Give my love to her please :). God bless and keep you and your wonderful family, now and Always!!
    Love you~~Bertie


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