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This is a re-post from a couple of years ago. I dedicate this blog post to those who are in the Military, those who have served in the Military or to those with family in the Military. 
You are appreciated and loved! 
The following story is told by my husband's uncle. 

From Pocket Miracles by Lois Jones
as told by Rev. John Brigmond

During one of my tours of duty in Vietnam, I was housed in the countryside while my army buddies were housed in the city of Saigon.  Vietnam was celebrating the New Year and I was off duty for the weekend.  Not knowing what was going to happen, I decided to visit my buddies in the city. We planned a barbecue and even invited Saigon's Chief of Police.  We bought a case of chickens and other food that we needed for our celebration. The Chief of Police stayed for a while and then went back on duty.  As we were finishing our meal the Viet Cong invaded Saigon.  Their army gained control over two-thirds of the city, in what is now known as the TET offensive.  The place where we had just enjoyed our feast was part of the city that came under the control of the Viet Cong.

As we listened to the Armed Forces Radio, we heard that if any of the military were in that part of the city they needed to stay indoors until help arrived.  Explosive gunfire was all around us.  The enemy raided the city destroying anything related to our military. As we peeked through the curtains of the house, we saw the Viet Cong military marching and killing people in the streets. This went on for ten days as we continued to hide.  While we were hiding in the house, our Army jeep was parked outside in plain view.  I believe God placed a shield around this vehicle during our time of hiding.  If the enemy had seen the vehicle, it would have alerted them to our hiding place. If they had noticed it, they would not have only destroyed the jeep, but killed us as well.  

With all the bombings and destruction around us, others lost electricity and water.  We were never without power. Another miracle, the Armed Forces Radio was never interrupted and kept us updated.  Not only did we have water, electricity, and radio communication we also had plenty of food from our New Years feast to keep us alive ten days. Looking back, I realize the danger that surrounded us.  I know the hand of God protected and hid us from the enemies view.  God provided both provision and protection. Is anything too difficult for HIM?

God has a plan for every life.  In every situation God's hand can be seen.   "All things work together for good, to those who love God..." The rest of the story of the life of John Brigmond is that God called him to preach.  God used him as a pastor and church planter. God always has a higher purpose and a plan. He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

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