Monday, April 2, 2012

Miracle Monday

I do not ask that He must prove His word is true to me,
And that before I can believe He first must let me see;
It is enough for me to know It's true because He says it's so;
On His unchanging word I'll stand and trust till I can understand.
---Jane Hudoff

Isaiah 40:8b
"....the Word of our God shall stand forever."

This poem was sent to me by my aunt, who is a living miracle.  At 17 years of age she battled a life threatening illness, named pan-hypopituitarism. Jane was hospitalized due to severe weight loss caused by the illness.  The doctors soberly informed her mother that she would die at a young age, she would never have children, and told her that her condition was incurable. Jane took large quantities of medication and was bedridden.  Her sister, (my mother) can remember the day she was at the sink washing dishes and her mother walked into the room and told her the serious news.
"Your sister is not going to make it," my grandmother somberly stated.
My mother boldly replied, "No, she is going to make it!" (This was before my mother had an experience with God.)
Her life hanging by a strand of hope, Jane remembered a friend in her high school, named Gary, who had told her about the healing power of God.  She wrote him a letter and asked him and his church to pray for her.  Gary visited her and invited her to church.  Jane started going to church with him. She was soon baptized and received the Holy Spirit.  They ended up falling in love and shortly thereafter were married.  

Even after committing her life to Christ, Jane was still struggling with hypopituitarism.   One day Jane took a leap of faith and emphatically told God, that if He could save her, then He could also heal her!  She flushed all her pills down the drain. She battled for her life for a few days and trusted God for complete healing.  Her faith was rewarded and God healed her.  She not only was cured from an incurable disease but she was able to have three healthy children.  This healing was so powerful and life changing that it lead my grandmother and my mother to Christ.  My aunt celebrated her 65th birthday last year and is a living testimony that miracles still happen. 
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

Special Thanks to Jo Alice Walker aka Mom for giving me the details of the miracle.

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